OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A local veterinarian and the public are stepping up to help a family impacted by a fire.

Early Monday morning in Oklahoma City, Christal McCune’s family’s camper caught fire with two people and two dogs inside. 

“We were sleeping, and we were woken up by a big boom,” said Christal McCune on Monday. “I could barely see anything. It was so bright.”

All of the people and one of the dogs were able to make it out – but sadly one of the dogs, Zouk, didn’t make it.

The dog who survived, Hannibal, suffered severe burns.

Another warning, these photos are graphic. Viewer discretion is advised.

Because the family lost most of their possessions, Neel Veterinary Hospital in OKC stepped up to help.

They are giving Hannibal free, around-the-clock ICU care and multiple treatments.

The family is still in need of help replacing clothing and other items lost in the fire.

If you can help, they have a GoFundMe