OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — On July 10, the Oklahoma City Fire Department posted a video on their social media channels encouraging potential candidates to apply for field operations supervisor positions as part of their plan to launch the Supplemental Transport Service.

OKCFD is looking to hire staff to operate four ambulances to support EMSA during high call volumes. The first stage of hiring will focus on finding four field operations supervisors before moving onto the next stage to hire paramedics and EMTs.

This comes after the adoption of the 2024 fiscal budget by Oklahoma City City Council back in June. As part of the FY24 budget, funding was approved for 50 new positions within OKCFD, including 40 positions to operate the ambulances.

In response to comments on social media asking if EMSA would still be the primary transport for patients, OKCFD stated that EMSA will remain the primary transportation agency with OKCFD ambulances working as support.

No official date for the launch has been announced.