OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The Oklahoma City Police Department is confirming that a driver for Blackhawk Security was involved in two crashes this year where a person died, the first one involving a bicyclist in June and the second involving an OKCPD sergeant in September.

KFOR will not be identifying the security driver, as police tell us no charges have been filed for the first crash and the second one involving Sgt. Meagan Burke is still being investigated.

31-year-old Burke died in a head-on crash on her way home from work on Sept. 29. Dispatchers received a call around 12:30 a.m. about a head-on crash along I-44 near S.W. 29th St.

“I know the other driver going southbound crossed the median and the barrier, entering into the northbound lane striking the officer who was in their personal vehicle,” said OKCPD Cpt. Valerie Littlejohn on the scene. “When we arrived, we learned that one of the involved drivers was one of our officers who unfortunately was pronounced deceased.”

OKCPD told KFOR the other driver was in a company vehicle for Blackhawk Security.

OKCPD also confirmed to KFOR that this same driver was involved in a crash on June 8 near SW 66th St. and Walker Ave. where a bicyclist died — the driver also in a Blackhawk Security vehicle in that crash.

Investigators reported the person killed was riding the bicycle with another person and that the bike had no lights and that both riders were wearing dark clothing. They said that as the driver approached the bicycle from behind, they applied their brakes and attempted to swerve, but was unable to avoid the bike and collided with it.

KFOR reached out to the security company and are still waiting to hear back, but in a Facebook post following last week’s crash that left Sgt. Burke dead, they wrote, “Sad day here at Blackhawk Security, for OKCPD, and the police officer/security officer involved death and crash. Our prayers go out to all the families involved. With all respect, we will not be answering any questions, and will be in full cooperation with the police department, and will not be making any statements at this time to the public.”

The Oklahoma City FOP Foundation is currently accepting donations to support Sgt. Burke’s family.

Sgt. Burke’s funeral is Oct. 6 at Southern Hills Baptist Church at 4 p.m.