OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The Oklahoma City Police Department released new footage of an officer being beaten while responding to a domestic call, causing serious injuries.

On April 27, just after 5:00am, OKCPD said Sgt. Morgan Reynolds responded to a domestic call at a home near the 4800 block of NW 19th Street.

Police said they had already responded to the home twice that day, but the suspect DeAngelo Wright, wasn’t there. Then, Sgt. Reynolds made the third visit to ask Wright a few questions.

Reynolds: “DeAngelo?”

Wright: “Yeah.“

Victim: “You know d*** well you is.”

Wright: “I haven’t done nothing.”

Reynolds: “Let me just pat you down to make sure you ain’t got nothing because this is crazy, you guys.”

Victim: “This is crazy as f***!”

The video shows Wright putting up his arms while Sgt. Reynolds tries to pat him down. After she asks him to put his hands behind his back, he starts throwing punches.

During the video, you can hear the alleged domestic assault victim screaming for Wright to stop, but he doesn’t. Police said he beat the officer until she was unconscious and kept going.

Not shown in the video, OKC Police said a witness tried to stop the brutal attack, but Wright attacked her as well.

Sergeant Reynolds was sent to the hospital for serious injuries.

Police said they found Wright hiding in an apartment laundry room a few blocks away.

Officers discovered Wright had strangled the victim inside the apartment.

He was booked on several complaints including Aggravated Assault & Battery on a Police Officer and Domestic Assault by Strangulation.

His bond is now set at $10,000,000.