OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Oklahoma City police say this was not the first time the three attempted to steal tens of thousands of dollars from bank accounts not belonging to them with fake IDs.

Oklahoma City police are trying to identify the three after they allegedly stole over $40,000 out of a metro bank account that didn’t belong to them.

The crooks also targeted that account at multiple Bank of the West locations across the metro.

One was near 122nd Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, another was off Northwest Expressway and Pennsylvania Avenue and a third was off Air Depot in Midwest City.

Using fake IDs, the suspected thieves posed as the person on the account.

“They are very high quality,” said M.Sgt. Gary Knight with the Oklahoma City Police Department. “They look real, and I can understand why a teller, a bank teller, or somebody at a bank might not catch on that these are fake.”

A police report goes on to say that in a span of three days they tried to get three separate cashier’s checks. One of them was for $10,000, another was for $15,000 and a third was for $20,000.

“Other cases they’ve gone in and been turned down or turned away,” Knight said.

Now, police are wanting to put a stop to it before they try again.

“We wanted to put the people’s pictures out there, see if anyone out there in the public knows who they are,” Knight said. “We certainly want to get them off the streets before they have the opportunity to steal from someone else.”

Anyone with information is encouraged to call crime stoppers at 405-235-7300.