OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Oklahoma City Police are searching for the suspect who shot a 16-year-old near Capitol Hill High School Tuesday morning and then drove away. The teen managed to run to the school from the scene and flag down a school resource officer for help. 

Oklahoma City Police said the victim was taken to the hospital and is stable. Officials said he was shot in the left leg. It all started in the PDQ parking lot near Southwest 36th street and South Walker Ave when two groups got into a fight around 7:20 a.m. At one point, someone involved in the fight fired several rounds towards the group.

“I panicked because I just dropped him off,” said Elitza Ward, grandmother of student at Capitol Hill High School. 

A grandmother shaken up after she dropped her grandson off at Capitol Hill High School on Tuesday morning. She told KFOR she saw the victim who was shot across the street from the high school. 

“I look over to the left and there’s a boy sitting there with a puddle of blood below him and his pants down to his ankle. And the cops just came from everywhere,” said Ward.  

Oklahoma City Police said a group of students were arguing in the PDQ parking lot as they were waiting for a bus ride to a different school. That’s when shots were fired and the suspect got away in a car. A bullet hit a 16-year-old.  

“The victim ran to the school and flagged down the resource officer with the group of people that he was with and so that’s where the medical aid was applied,” said Capt. Michelle Henderson, OKCPD.  

The victim was rushed to the hospital. A friend of the family told KFOR the teen underwent surgery to have the bullet removed in his upper left thigh and he’s doing okay.  

Ward said the incident was caught on camera and posted on snapchat by one of the students who witnessed the fight and then shooting.  

“It shows the kids fighting and then the gunshots going off… You’re always concerned when it’s one of your kids in school. This is happening way too much. And we all got to get together and try to figure out what’s going on, why these kids are getting guns,” said Ward.  

As a precaution, Capitol Hill High School sent a letter out to parents. The school went on a brief lockdown and then put on “secure” which means no one is allowed in or out of the building, but activities within the school continue as usual. 

The school also said in the letter, “Out of an abundance of caution, additional security will be on site during the school day.” 

“Man, it was crazy. I was like, Damn, something bad happened,” said Luis Camacho, student at Capitol Hill High School. 

This student said he was looking outside through a window in his classroom where he watched as medics treated the teen on scene.  

“I feel sad for that guy, you know, because I saw him going into the ambulance. It was a lot of blood, but crazy,” said Camacho.  

School continued on as usual, but some students decided to leave early. Several parents and caregivers picked up their students after learning the news.  

“I just called my dad and asked like, if he could pick me up because, uh, I guess I felt, like, not safe here,” said Jonathan Sanchez, student at Capitol Hill High School.  

No arrests have been made yet. Oklahoma City Police said this is an ongoing investigation and they will release more information once it becomes available.