OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The Oklahoma City Public Schools Board of Education approved Monday a resolution calling for a school bond election.

The resolution includes language that voters within OKCPS boundaries will see on the Nov. 8 ballot, according to OKCPS officials.

The school board’s unanimous vote enables school district officials to ask Oklahoma City voters to consider the following two propositions:

  • $936,000,000 to provide funds for acquiring, constructing, equipping, repairing and remodeling school buildings, acquiring school furniture, fixtures and equipment and acquiring and improving school sites; or an alternative of acquiring all or a distinct portion of such property pursuant to a lease purchase arrangement;
  • $19,000,000 for acquiring transportation equipment; or an alternative of acquiring all or a distinct portion of such property pursuant to a lease purchase arrangement.

OKCPS’ mill levy rate is currently 18, the lowest in the metro; the $955 million bond will bring the school district’s mill levy to 26, bringing OKCPS’ levy in line with other metro districts, which have an average mill levy of 27, school district officials said.

“To put these numbers into perspective for homeowners, this increase for a home valued at $100,000 would be $6.41 a month or less than $80 a year.,” OKCPS officials said.

Board Chair Paula Lewis issued the following statement regarding the vote:

“Today, the OKCPS Board of Education voted unanimously to call a transformational bond election on November 8, 2022. I’m honored to work alongside my fellow board members and to serve this District; both putting kids first and who are courageous enough to take big steps to address the needs of the district as well as provide new opportunities for students to realize and reach their full potential. The successful passage of this bond will provide spaces for innovative learning, college and career programming, and will bring our students opportunities that will allow them to compete with their peers throughout this state. I believe that our community will successfully pass this bond; I believe that the successful package of this bond will be another step towards providing our students a world class education!”

Paula Lewis, OKCPS Board Chair

OKCPS Superintendent Dr. Sean McDaniel issued this statement:

“This is the biggest bond election in the history of OKCPS. We did not go after a number. What we did as a district was ask ourselves ‘what are the needs?’ and built this bond package from there. The average age of our schools is 72 years old and we have nine schools that are over 100 years old. It is more important than ever that we invest not only in renovating our existing district facilities, but also make plans for new construction.”

Sean McDaniel, OKCPS Superintendent

The bond package will include the following projects:

Emerson North HSALTERNATIVEOffice And Outdoor Court Renovation
Emerson South HSALTERNATIVERestrooms, Parking, And Outdoor Area Renovation
Putnam Heights AcademyALTERNATIVEOutdoor Play Area Renovation
Belle Isle Enterprise MS 5th & 6thAPPLICATIONBuilding To Be Repurposed
Belle Isle Enterprise MS 7th & 8thAPPLICATION5 Classroom & Competitive Gymnasium Addition
Belle Isle High School (9th to 12th)APPLICATIONNew Belle Isle High School
Classen SAS HS at NortheastAPPLICATIONCafeteria Renovation And New Outdoor Eating Courtyard
Classen SAS MSAPPLICATIONCafeteria Renovation And New Outdoor Eating CourtyardAuditorium Renovation
Southeast HSAPPLICATIONCafeteria Renovation And Outdoor Eating CourtyardAuditorium & Aviation Program Space Renovations
Southeast MSAPPLICATION4 Classroom Addition
Adelaide Lee ESCHHSNew Elementary School Combined With Shidler
Bodine ESCHHSTrack And Fencing Renovation
Capitol Hill HSCHHSNew High School
Capitol Hill MSCHHSNew Middle School Combined With Wheeler
Cesar Chavez ESCHHSSoccer Field Renovation
Fillmore ESCHHSTrack & Fencing RenovationNew Walking Trail
Hayes ESCHHSParking, Fence, And Media Center Renovation
Heronville ESCHHSParking And Bus Lane Reconfiguration
Shidler ESCHHSNew Elementary School Combined With Adelaide Lee
Webster MSCHHS2 Classroom Addition
Wheeler MSCHHSNew Middle School Combined With Capitol Hill
Douglass HSDOUGLASSMiller Stadium Press Box And Softball FieldFlexible Space Addition
Eugene Field ESDOUGLASSMain Entrance Renovation and Perimeter Fence
FD Moon MSDOUGLASSOutdoor Learning AreaGym & Locker Room Renovation
Horace Mann Pre- KDOUGLASSBuilding To Be Repurposed
Martin Luther King ESDOUGLASSParking And Playground Surface Renovation
Thelma Parks ESDOUGLASSRenovate Outdoor Play Area And New Walking Trail
Wilson ESDOUGLASSRepurposing Of Gymnatorium
Britton ESJMEHS2 Classroom Addition
John Marshall Enterprise HSJMEHSPractice Field RenovationFlexible Space Addition
John Marshall Enterprise MSJMEHSMedia Center RenovationMulti-Building Renovation
Johnson Pre-KJMEHSBuilding To Be Repurposed
Monroe ESJMEHSParking And Fence RenovationCreate New Drop-Off Area
Nichols Hills Enterprise ESJMEHS4 Classroom Addition
Quail Creek ESJMEHS6 Classroom Addition
Ridgeview ESJMEHSWalking Trail And Shade Area
Buchanan ESNW CLASSENUpdate Parking, Outdoor Play Area, And Fence
Cleveland ESNW CLASSENParking And Track Renovation
Esperanza ESNW CLASSENFencing And Acoustical Gym Renovation
Hawthorne ESNW CLASSENPerimeter Fence And Outdoor Classroom
Kaiser ESNW CLASSEN2 Classroom Addition And Parking Lot Renovation
Mark Twain ESNW CLASSENHalf-Court And West Parking Lot Renovation
Mary Golda Ross MSNW CLASSENUpgrade Fine Arts Area
NW Classen HSNW CLASSEN16 Classroom AdditionFemale Softball FacilityFlexible Space Addition
Rockwood ESNW CLASSENFence Renovation And New Outdoor Classroom
Taft 5th Grade at LinwoodNW CLASSENBuilding To Be RepurposedNew Middle School Combined With Taft
Taft MSNW CLASSENNew Middle School Combined With Linwood
Van Buren ESNW CLASSENConnect Sidewalks To Create Walking Trail Upgrade Fence
Van Buren Pre- KNW CLASSENBuilding To Be Repurposed
Sandy L. Garrett Early Childhood at GatewoodNW CLASSENParking Improvements
Rogers MSSTAR SPENCERGym And Locker Room RenovationPractice Field Addition
Spencer ESSTAR SPENCERDrop-Off Lane And Outdoor Area Renovation
Star Spencer HSSTAR SPENCERTwidwell Stadium RenovationCompetitive GymFlexible Space Additions
Willowbrook ESSTAR SPENCEROutdoor Classroom And New Walking Trail
Adams ESUS GRANTRenovate Drop-Off And Outdoor Play Area
Arthur ESUS GRANTCreate A Walking TrailParking And Fence Renovation
Coolidge ESUS GRANTParking And Courtyard Redesign
Hillcrest ESUS GRANTRestroom, Track, And Fence Renovation
Jefferson MSUS GRANT3 Classroom AdditionLocker Room RenovationCompetitive Gym Addition
Prairie Queen ESUS GRANTParking And Outdoor Play Area Renovation
Roosevelt MSUS GRANTGym And Locker Room Renovation
Southern Hills ESUS GRANTParking Lot Renovation And New Walking Trail
US Grant HSUS GRANT12 Classroom Addition and New Little Generals AreaCafeteria Expansion And Outdoor Eating AreaFlexible Space Addition

Go to www.okcps.org/Bond22 for more information on the bond.