OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Hundreds of Oklahoma City Public Schools elementary students are walking into the weekend with a new pair of shoes.

A special buzz was in the air at Fillmore Elementary School on Friday.

All decked out in Halloween costumes, students got to add a new pair of shoes to their wardrobe – for free, thanks to Metro Shoe Warehouse.

“My dad liked those,” one young student told News 4. 

“I picked those because they’re blue and blue’s my favorite color,” another student said. 

Staff from Metro Shoe helped the school’s 700 kids each find the perfect fit.

School officials say this gift means so much more than just a pair of shoes

“We have a high need just in general, across our district,” said Sara Lynn Sadorra with OKCPS.

Sadorra says that need starts from the ground up – literally.

“Shoes are a basic need,” she told News 4. “We don’t want them to be distracted in the classroom because they don’t fit well. You don’t want them coming to school with holes in their shoes and being distracted by that.”

Best of all – the kids got to choose from a variety of styles.

“They don’t just get what they get which is really important to us to empower them on that decision making and to feel proud of what they’re getting to take home today,” Sadorra said. 

The Metro Shoe Project has been doing this with OKCPS since 2012. This is the fourth free shoe event they’ve done with the district this year.