OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Oklahoma’s prisons are facing a staffing crisis along with operational inefficiencies, according to a lengthy report released Thursday by the Legislative Office for Fiscal Transparency, or LOFT.

It was a detailed assessment of the department of corrections that also found they have repeatedly failed to realize their operational savings.

The 59-page report can be read in full below.

It looks into what LOFT said were four key points in their review. Those are findings in management, inmate population, facilities and staffing.

The Department of Corrections’ last review was in 2007. LOFT said many of those same issues found then still exist. They claim their investigation found bad facilities, low staffing and bad budget managing practices, that if changed could have led to saving millions in taxpayer money in several areas.

While department officials at the meeting say they didn’t disagree with the findings, they said other factors go into them like the pandemic. They also said it isn’t that they didn’t recognize the savings, they just took some of them and reinvested them into their facilities, staff and raises for employees, instead of requesting more funding from the legislature.

“I recognize the efforts that went into understanding or identifying cost savings or reductions in cost over the years. There is never a moment or, I don’t think any given day, that we don’t have unexpected or unforeseen circumstances that require us to tap into those savings to be able to continue to run the department,” said Department of Corrections Director Scott Crow.

“We make some of those recommendations within the report that it would be good to step back, take a look at the system as a whole and come up with a strategic vision,” said LOFT Executive Director Mike Jackson.

Officials with the department also said they recognize room for improvement. LOFT also listed several recommendations in the report for them.