OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – After just a few months in office, Oklahoma Attorney General Gentner Drummond says he has cleared a sizable backlog.

Drummond announced that his office has cleared a sizable backlog of Open Records requests that dated back years.

“I believe strongly in openness and transparency in government, and I will continue to aggressively enforce the Open Records and Open Meetings Acts across state government,” said Drummond. “A transparent government begets a better government, as it exposes bad actors while attracting public officials who act with honesty and integrity.”

When Drummond took office on Jan. 9, the Office of Attorney General had 66 unfulfilled Open Records requests, some of which were several years old.

Drummond says the backlog of requests has been eliminated and the office fulfilled 34 additional requests since he was sworn in.

“No one should have to sue their own government to obtain a public record,” he said. “There are times when specific circumstances may reasonably restrict some documentation, such as information that is part of an ongoing investigation. However, the standard for conducting public business always must be one of openness and transparency.”