WELLSTON, Okla. (KFOR) – An Oklahoma attorney and her alleged boyfriend/client now find themselves on the wrong side of the law after Lincoln County deputies executed a search warrant on the attorney’s home.

On Dec. 2, deputies raided Wellston attorney, Debra Campbell’s home.

“It’s really pretty quiet here until we see a whole truckload of cops going down the road,” said Timothy Sapp, who lives nearby.

Neighbors told News 4 it was a shocking sight.

“They had like seven police cars sitting down here on the corner,” said Patricia Cole, who lives down the street.

Cole said she knew something was going on, but didn’t know what it was.

“That was my mother’s property and we sold that property and 2017,” Cole told News 4, before finding out what happened. “She was a lawyer.”

Inside the home of 59-year-old Campbell, deputies said they found six pounds of processed marijuana, 100 grams of meth, guns, a loaded gun, and more than $4,300 in cash.

Investigators said they also found personal items belonging to her alleged boyfriend, Michael Kulp. According to online court records, the 40-year-old has been convicted on drug charges in the past.

The two are now facing drug and firearm charges.

“She has a handful of clients that’s here in the jail that she represents. And Michael Kulp was one of them,” said Sheriff Charley Dougherty. “She’s been released on a $75,000 bond with an ankle monitor.”

Kulp is still locked up, officials say.

News 4 called Campbell’s law firm, but there was no answer. Crews also went to her home, but the gate was shut.

Since the raid, neighbors said they’ve ramped up their home surveillance.

“We just went out and bought spent 4-hundred and something dollars for security yesterday just because of that. We never had to protect ourselves before,” said Sapp. “It’s scary.”

The Sheriff said because Campbell and Kulp are allegedly involved romantically, and have an attorney-client relationship, it could be tricky for the courts to decide what information on their cellphones can be used in court.