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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Oklahoma Attorney General John O’Connor says he’s preparing litigation to challenge President Joe Biden’s new COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

Biden announced sweeping vaccine mandates for a large swath of the nation’s workforce on Thursday afternoon as part of his six-pronged plan to combat the highly contagious Delta variant’s rapid spread across the nation.

Hours later, O’Connor announced litigation plans in the following statement:

“We respect the right of Oklahoma businesses and individuals to make healthcare decisions for themselves and their families. My office will vigorously oppose any attempt by the federal government to mandate vaccines. We are preparing litigation to stand up for our rights and defend the rule of law against the overreach of the federal government.”


Gov. Kevin Stitt quickly attacked Biden’s plan, releasing the below statement soon after the president spoke:

“It is not the government’s role to dictate to private businesses what to do. Once again President Biden is demonstrating his complete disregard for individual freedoms and states’ rights. As long as I am governor, there will be no government vaccine mandates in Oklahoma. My administration will continue to defend Oklahoma values and fight back against the Biden administration’s federal overreach.”


Biden’s plan requires businesses with over 100 employees to mandate COVID vaccines or regular testing.

The plan also states that healthcare and education workers who receive federal funds, as well as federal employees and contractors, must be vaccinated.

Biden anticipates the plan will impact around 80 million Americans.

“This is not about freedom or personal choice. It’s about protecting yourself and those around you,” Biden said.

The plan also ramps up production on face masks and COVID-19 tests, improves care for COVID patients and encourages states to require vaccines for employees.