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LOGAN COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – Over-the-phone scammers are at it again, but this time they’re in Logan County with a new spin on their spiel.

Authorities said the scammers are telling residents to hand over money or they could lose items people desperately need.

“It’s potential for you to have an identity issue so they can mess with your credit,” said Detective George Hannon with the Logan County Sheriff’s Office.

The Logan County Sheriff’s Office said scammers are targeting residents in the area. Hannon said the caller poses as a court clerk claiming the victim owes money for judgements, like traffic tickets or court fees.

“The court clerks do not work that way,” said Hannon. “If you have to give that information, give it to somebody face-to-face at the office. Don’t do that by telephone.”

Hannon said the caller claims if the victim doesn’t pay, the courts could suspend the victim’s driver’s license or withhold their Social Security checks.

“With scammers, they’re going to tell you whatever they can to try and get money from you,” said the detective.

KFOR called the Logan County Courthouse. Clerks told us they’d never make a call like that. Plus, the system has to go through multiple channels to revoke someone’s drivers license. The courthouse also doesn’t deal with Social Security checks. That is a federal matter.

“Do not give people your credit card information and banking information, because they can just steal more money from you,” said Hannon.

Guthrie police were unable to speak with News 4 on camera. However, they told us someone has already fallen victim and given the scammer more than $450. Thankfully, she later realized it was a scam, filed a police report, got her Social Security check back, canceled the transaction with her credit card company and got her money back.

“If people do get contacted, they need to let us know so that we can try and track that information down,” said Hannon.

If you’ve received this call or have fallen victim, deputies and officers want you to call their non-emergency lines.

If you are within Guthrie city limits, call the Guthrie Police Department at 405-282-3535.

If you are outside of Guthrie city limits, call the Logan County Sheriff’s Office at 405-282-4100.