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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Oklahoma Blood Institute is partnering with legendary rock star Pete Townshend to release his song on June 14th to encourage blood donations.

June 14th is known as ‘World Blood Donor Day’. The Global Blood Fund (GBF) is a charity ran in Oklahoma City that promotes giving blood to others.

Townshend, a singer-songwriter and guitarist who cofounded The Who, has partnered with GBF by releasing his new version of the 1985 song “Give Blood” to encourage blood donations around the country.

“Although it is now more than 35 years since I wrote the song ‘Give Blood’, this is the first time it has actually been used to encourage donation,” Townshend said. “Shortage of blood around the world is a huge issue, particularly in poorer countries, and so I was delighted to give permission for Global Blood Fund to use my work to help communicate the need for more donors to come forward.”

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Townshend has made a music video in different languages for the campaign

Oklahoma Blood Institute is the sixth largest independent blood center in the nation. It provides more than 90 percent of blood supply for over 160 hospitals and medical facilities. GBF has helped out poor resourced countries such as Africa, Asia and Latin American.

By donating blood, you are able to save three lives. Appointments can be made at or call (877) 340-8777.