LAWTON, Okla. (KFOR) – We’re hearing from a bus driver after a deer crashed through her front window.

KFOR is looking out for you with more details on why sightings are so common this time of year, and what you can do.

“They say that your training kind of kicks in and I know that’s what it was,” said Lawton Area Transit System driver Alisha Sutton. “Once I saw that tape afterwards, that’s when I realized, wow, that just really happened.”

Sutton’s alarming early morning encounter is now going viral with people across the country saying, ‘oh deer!’

“I was shocked at first because I couldn’t believe what had just happened,” said Sutton. “I was looking at the deer because I couldn’t figure out what to do.”

But Sutton did everything right, remaining calm throughout the ordeal.

“If you’re driving – rule number one is no one wants to hit a deer, obviously, but don’t swerve drastically to not hit it because we don’t want to have a dead deer and we don’t want to have a human hurt in an accident as well,” said Micah Holmes, with the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation. 

Wildlife experts say it’s important to be prepared because run-ins with deer are pretty common in Oklahoma, especially in the summer months.

“This time of year is when the mothers are nursing the babies so they’re really looking to find some good quality food so they tend to be on the move this time of year,” Holmes said. “There’s not necessarily a shortage of food but they may be having to be more active to find that food.”

As for Sutton, she’s thankful her wild deer dilemma ended with just some minor damage to the bus.

“I heard it’s fixed and ready to go so that’s going to be my lucky bus from now on,” said Sutton. 

There were no passengers on the bus at the time.