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EARLSBORO, Okla. (KFOR) – An Earlsboro Elementary School cafeteria worker is facing charges, after allegedly delivering “happy cookies” baked with marijuana to two teachers.

“What if a child would’ve gotten ahold of that,” said Lt. Travis Sullivan, with the Earlsboro Police Department. “It’s a safety thing.”

“You never know. You have to take every situation seriously,” said Superintendent Mark Maloy.

During lunchtime on Thursday, a fresh batch of marijuana cookies was delivered to two Earlsboro Elementary teachers. Police said cafeteria worker Sarah Dailey used her own THC butter in the batter. The 40-year-old told investigators she was hoping to ease the teachers’ alleged stomach pains.

“Guess she was trying to help them out,” said Sullivan. “In turn, one got sick and had to go home for the day, and the second one found out she got sick.”

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After hearing the sweet weed treat made the first teacher ill, the second teacher went to the principal, who then went to district officials.

“New problem, yes. New situation,” said Maloy.

Police brought in the District 23 Drug Task Force to help with the investigation.

The 40 year old told investigators the teachers were supposed to save the cookies to eat at home.

“She brought them to school, in the hopes they would take it home and eat it there. Not at the school,” said Sullivan.

After questioning, Dailey was booked into the Pottawatomie County Detention Center, while the cookies were sent off to OSBI.

“And I understand her intentions were well but misplaced,” said Sullivan. “Don’t take anything that’s edible with marijuana in it on school property. Cause you’re going to pay for it eventually.”

Dailey is facing possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute charges.