OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – It’s tough to find right now – but on Thursday, some Oklahoma children as young as 6 months got their first round of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The Oklahoma City-County Health Department is one of the first local providers to get the shots.

“We’re seeing a good response,” said Staceee Hoye, Chief of Clinical Services at OCCHD. “I know that one of our clinics has a full schedule, and I’m anticipating that the other two clinics will also have a full schedule.”

Thursday was off to a busy start for Staceee Hoye and the Oklahoma City-County Health Department.

As most area hospital systems, health departments and retailers wait for shipments – OCCHD is one of the first to provide COVID-19 vaccines to children six months and up.

“We do have Pfizer for six months to five years,” Hoye said. “We also have Moderna six months to six years. The Pfizer will be a three-dose series. The Moderna currently is a two-dose series.”

As the youngsters come in for their COVID-19 shots – OCCHD is reviewing their records and finding a lot of kids need to get up-to-date on other vaccines as well.

“We know that because of the pandemic, a lot of kids did not get their routine vaccinations because of closures and inability and just fear of coming out,” Hoye said. “But now as we start coming out of things, it’s a chance for us to get them not just only the COVID vaccine, but every other vaccine that they may need.”

Hoye says families may be pleasantly surprised to find their kids may experience no or very few side effects from the COVID shot.

“I know a lot of times parents will get their children vaccinated and they bring them home and they’re cranky and they’re tired – and that is a normal response to any vaccine,” Hoye said. “One of the things that we have seen with the COVID vaccine is the younger you are, the less response that you have to it. But it is completely normal if your child just doesn’t feel real well for a day after having the vaccine.”

Common side effects include sore arm, headache, fever, and fatigue. Symptoms usually occur one to two days after vaccination and are mostly mild.

Parents wanting a vaccine for their children can contact the following clinics:

  • Northeast Clinic, 2700 N.E. 63rd, at 405-419-4200
  • Southern Oaks Clinic, 6728 S. Hudson Ave., at 405-419-4119
  • West Clinic, 4330 N.W. 10th St., at 405-419-4150

Officials say walk-ins are welcome but appointments are preferred.

KFOR reached out to the metro’s major hospital systems as well as neighboring health departments. They tell us they’re working to get the vaccines for this youngest group and hope to have them soon.

Select Walgreens stores will have the shots for kids three and up beginning Saturday. You can always call your child’s pediatrician to see if and when they’ll have them as well.