OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The Oklahoma City Animal Shelter is continuing to treat dogs affected by upper respiratory infections.

According to City of OKC, the OKC Animal Shelter closed its doors on March 29 due to a fast spreading upper respiratory infection that spread to 130 dogs in three days. Samples of the infection were sent to a lab for testing and came back positive for both canine flu and strep zoo.

The City says as of Tuesday, 298 dogs have shown symptoms of the infection and five dogs have died.

According to the Shelter, they were unable to test every dog, so all dogs showing symptoms of upper respiratory infection were treated as if they were positive. Symptoms have eased for many of the dogs but the staff is continuing to treat symptomatic dogs.

Officials say it was recommended by the shelter’s veterinarian to close for about a month to incubate and shed the virus. The closure is helping to stop the spread of the virus and protect the animals of the shelter.

“The Animal Welfare team is incredibly grateful to the community for the support we’ve received during this difficult time,” said Shelter Superintendent Jon Gary. “The goal was to contain the spread of the virus and save as many lives as possible. The support we’ve received has allowed us to do that.”

According to the City, animals that are sick, injured or a threat to the community will still be taken in. The shelter has a population of about 400 dogs.

Those looking for lost pets can search on okc.gov/animalwelfare. Owners are able to come and reclaim their pets from the shelter.