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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The holidays are a great time to provide a home for abandoned animals.

For months, Oklahoma City Animal Welfare has been struggling with capacity limits.

“We are in a critical situation,” said Superintendent Jon Gary told KFOR in October. “We had a couple rough days last week. We had to euthanize animals for space and that’s something we try not to do ever but the amount coming in and not enough going out, it became reality for us this week.”

On Friday, the shelter said that it had 387 dogs and 145 cats inside the facility. However, it is only built to hold 297 dogs and 190 cats.

Now, shelter officials say they are trying to find loving homes for the animals in need with a ‘Name Your Price’ adoption rate.

Organizers say they will accept anything over $1 for adoptions.

If you can’t adopt, you might consider fostering an animal this holiday season.

To see pets available for adoption, visit the Oklahoma City Animal Welfare website.