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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Oklahoma City’s Creekside Apartments is facing more problems. The complex is now in the middle of a possible foreclosure.

“The Creekside Apartments have been having ongoing troubles,” said Rep. Mickey Dollens, D-Oklahoma City. “I’m not surprised that they’re being foreclosed on.”

Tenants previously told KFOR that the complex has gone without working air conditioning or hot water for weeks at a time.

This month, a petition for foreclosure of mortgage was filed in Oklahoma County Court. The documents allege that the California-based owners are behind $5,044,000 in payments, with accrued interest, plus interest accruing at the rate of 9.15 percent per annum from Dec. 1, 2021, until paid.

The court records say the company has “failed, refused and neglected to pay such amounts due.”

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Creekside Apartments, image KFOR

KFOR asked landlord Jose Belman for his opinion on the claims.

“I decline that those are accurate,” said Belman.

According to Belman, “the loan matured,” and he says his company is currently in the refinancing process.

He added that the lender is aware of it.

“Once a foreclosure is filed, you have several months probably until it’s finalized and up until the very last confirmation of the sheriff sale, the landlord is able to refinance,” said Marty Martin, an Oklahoma City bankruptcy attorney not affiliated with the case.

However, Martin says if the foreclosure were to go through, tenants will be able to fulfill their lease terms.

“If they don’t have a lease or they’re going month to month, then they at least have to be given 90 days of notice before they can be forced to move out,” said Martin.

Despite this, he urges tenants to start looking for a new place to live.

“If you know a place is under foreclosure or heading towards foreclosure, that is your, you know, key tip to start looking,” said Martin. “If you wait until the last minute, your options are going to be reduced and limited.”