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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – An Oklahoma City attorney connected to an unsolved triple-murder investigation was sentenced to two years in federal prison for possessing a firearm after a victim protective order was filed against her.

Keegan Harroz, an attorney once embroiled in a volatile love triangle, appeared in several KFOR news stories over the past two years.

Harroz was representing her boyfriend, Barry Titus, after he was accused by his ex-girlfriend, 43-year-old Tiffany Eichor, of threatening to kill her and her family.

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Keegan Harroz and Barry Titus

Eichor and her parents, 65-year-old Jack Chandler and 69-year-old Evelyn Chander, were later murdered by two masked killers at their home in Beggs.

However, charges have still not been filed against a suspect.

Investigators are saying that Harroz and Titus are only connected to the case.

Harroz took a plea deal for a federal weapons charge. She will serve 24 months in prison.

She has been in federal custody since September 2019.