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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A 25-year-old Oklahoma City man allegedly backed his car all the way into a northwest Oklahoma City business. He told police he meant to hit the one next to it to burglarize it. Instead, he allegedly destroyed the inside of the one he hit and left the owners to pick up the pieces.

The family of the people who own the store have only begun to pick up what’s left of the store’s interior and exterior. The glass from the storefront is shattered and glass also covers the inside of the store along with ceiling tiles and everything else they had inside. The owner’s daughter, Claudia Enciso, said it’s a massive loss for her parents and their small business.

“When I came and saw that it was just completely gone, my heart just sunk,” Enciso said. “This is what they live off of.”

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Oklahoma City police officers and firefighters after a suspect backed his vehicle into a shoe repair buiness while allegedly aiming to hit two other businesses that he allegedly planned to burglarize. Pic

Police say 25-year-old John Lytle is the suspect who backed the vehicle into the building and smashed everything in its path.

“It’s pretty depressing and sad because they’ve been working very hard and they’ve been doing very well,” Enciso said.

According to Enciso, they got a phone call from their alarm service that something was wrong.

“We didn’t know what was going on,” she said.

They rushed to the scene and saw flashing lights along with a massive hole. In the front of her father’s business.

“It’s a lot of damage inside,” Enciso said.

“Major, major damage to the storefront here,” said Lt. Isaac Goodman with the Oklahoma City Police Department.

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John Lytle. Mug shot Oklahoma County

Goodman said they had to get Lytle out of the car and the store. When he eventually came out, he told police he hit the wrong building.

“He made some statements to officers after the fact that he had intended to burglarize the neighboring business, which is a smoke shop,” Goodman said.

Enciso said she is still trying to comprehend what took place as the loss of everything inside is starting to add up.

“A lot of valuable products that we buy and sell and then a lot of things that customers of course bring in to get fixed,” she said. “We’re looking to see what we can salvage at least because a lot of stuff that they bring in is very expensive things that they want repaired.”

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An Oklahoma City strip mall where a suspect backed his vehicle into a business after allegedly intending to hit and burglarize two neighboring businesses. Pic

Boots, other shoes, purses among other things could be – and some already are – a total loss. Enciso said she is just happy her family is OK.

“I’m thankful that they weren’t here at the time that it happened,” she said. “The material things can be fixed, but lives can’t.”

According to Enciso, they have some very old equipment inside that you can’t buy anymore that they used to fix things. Those may also be a total loss. Right now, they’re waiting on their insurance situation and plan to go from there. The family said they do plan to reopen and remodel the store once they get a chance. Lytle has been booked into the Oklahoma County Jail on charges of second-degree burglary and 2 counts of malicious injury to property.