OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Summer in Oklahoma means hot weather and one family wanted to build a pool in their backyard to beat the heat. Nearly two years later, the pool still isn’t completed.

“We’ve now gone two summers without a pool. It’s hot. We wanted this dream pool for our family that we saved up for, and we’re just paying for everything out of our savings,” said Courtney Carrier, the client.

The Carrier family says they met with a pool builder in December of 2021.

“He said we were going to be one of the first few ones doing the pool to start out with. And he would offer us a better deal than what other companies were saying,” said Carrier.

She says they signed the contract in January of 2022, though work didn’t begin until July.

“The kids can’t go back there, our dogs can’t go back there. So we’re always playing out in the front yard, which is not the safest thing either,” said Carrier.

A couple weeks ago, Carrier says they ran into another issue.

“We got a call from the tile installation company saying they were going to put a lien on our house because he didn’t pay them to like, place the tile even though we out of our pocket paid for the tile,” said Carrier.

We reached out to the contractor, Johnathan Franks who sent us a statement.

We have never claimed to be perfect, but have always strived for 100% satisfaction and completion regardless of the circumstances. There are two sides to every story and we are confident that they will come out to the fullest in court.

Johnathan Franks, Pool Builder

News 4 asked the Carrier’s what they would say to the contractor if they had a chance to speak in person.

“I just want to ask him why he… If he couldn’t handle the job and it was too big for him, then why didn’t he just say it and then sign over whatever so we could and get our money back so we could then pay a proper pool company to finish it out,” said Carrier.

Since we spoke to the carriers last week, they reached out to the contractor again on Friday asking him to finish the pool, but did not hear a response.