OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Another metro apartment complex is allegedly leaving residents without air conditioning in the blistering heat, and after not getting any help, those residents called KFOR. 

“If you look at the thermostat, the A.C. [doesn’t] work,” said Ronald Huffy. 

Huffy and his brother live at the Redding Square Apartment Complex located in the 4200 block of South Douglas Avenue. 

Huffy told KFOR they’ve been without air conditioning for almost a week. 

“I got my brother here,” said Huffy. “I’ve been taking care him for like five, six years. He’s on dialysis.” 

To make matters worse, Huffy stated several electrical outlets are not working either. So, he’s having to string an extension cord across the apartment to operate his appliances.

“Nothing is being fixed,” said Huffy. “We got leaks in the bathroom, leaks in the kitchen, and the biggest leak of all is the electrical box.” 

Huffy told KFOR the leasing office sends a maintenance man to fix the problems, but nothing changes. 

He called our team for help. 

“It’s like one thing after another,” said Huffy. “Then, they try to blame [you] like it’s your problem.”

The door was immediately shut and locked when KFOR attempted to speak with the leasing office.

We also tried to contact the property owner, Vincent Properties, for answers about the upkeep of the complex. We’re waiting to hear back.