OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Police are giving new details on the 7-hour standoff that took place in northwest Oklahoma City Christmas evening that resulted in one man being arrested.

Police say Derrick Montreal Jones was trying to start a fire at a home with him still inside.

Derrick Montreal Jones courtesy Oklahoma County Detention Center

According to the police report, firefighters arrived to the neighborhood around 8 p.m. Christmas evening on complaints of smoke.

As they went door to door to alert residents, Jones answered saying quote “I don’t want help — I’m trying to burn this mother f***er down with me inside.”

Jones then refused to come out and proceeded to barricade himself inside the residence. The fire department did report seeing a small fire in the front room of the structure.

“They notified police and when officers got out there, they ran into the same type of situation,” said Sgt. Gary Knight with Oklahoma City Police. “He wasn’t planning on leaving.”

Both police and fire were present during the standoff, with one person manning the public address system.

Police say they were able to speak with the man’s mother. She told police Jones was pacing inside the house earlier with a long knife. When she took it away from him, he got another knife and continued pacing. She eventually left the house.

“After hours of this going on, police introduced pepper gas…into the residence,” Knight said. “That ultimately forced the guy out.”

Police still don’t know what motivated him to barricade himself inside the home.

They do say the surrounding residences were evacuated during the situation.

Jones has since been booked in the Oklahoma County jail after peacefully surrendering.

They add no one was hurt during the standoff or extraction.