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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A man is in critical condition following a series of unfortunate events.

On Friday night, a woman was rear ended in northwest Oklahoma City near Northwest Expressway and Wilshire. 

Following the accident, she called her brother to come pick up her dog from the accident scene.

When her brother arrived, he grabbed the dog and walked across the street.

On the way over, the dog got spooked, got out of his leash and was hit by a car. Immediately after that, her brother was hit by a pickup truck going westbound and thrown 30 feet. 

“The light hadn’t changed yet. So, he got Boomer and started walking across again. The light had just changed and they had a clear path. Boomer stopped like a deer in headlights and got hit. And I saw that happen, and at that exact same time my brother was in the other lane, and he got hit also,” said Courtney Edwards, brother and dog hit by cars.

Courtney Edwards’ brother Justin Pierson is now suffering from several injuries like 14 broken ribs, a liver laceration, a spinal fracture and much more.  

“He’s pretty much broken. Everything from here down. He’s going to have a long, long recovery. We’ve got a lot of support with that. People are taking care of him. We know where he’s at. We just don’t know where Boomer’s at,” said Edwards. 

Pierson is in critical condition in the trauma ICU unit at OU Medical Center, but Boomer was nowhere to be found.  

“The people in the car that hit Justin saw Boomer going west. I mean, there’s not a mark of him anywhere. There’s not blood. There’s not anything,” said Edwards.  

Edwards is hoping someone saw where Boomer went after getting hit.  

“For nobody to see anything, that’s the only thing that we’re hoping is maybe somebody scooped him up and said, ‘Hey, great dog.’ I did see him get hit. I don’t have high hopes that he survived, but I need closure. We need closure. We need something either way. So that’s why we’re here,” said Edwards.  

Amazingly, Edwards was able to get more than just closure.

After this story aired, Edwards was about to find Boomer. They took him to the animal hospital for a checkup and he appears to be uninjured.

Now, Edwards is praying for Justin’s quick recovery.  

“My brother’s blaming himself right now. He’s stable, but he’s blaming himself for this. I think he (Boomer) could help if by some miracle, he’s still alive, he could help with Justin’s healing process,” said Edwards.