OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – An Oklahoma City man was arrested Thursday and charged with the murders of four people dating back almost a decade.

Daniel Green, 40, was initially charged with the 2013 murders after the crime occurred. However, those charges were dismissed, and he was put in a mental institution.

Now, he’s facing those same charges once again.

“He took something, something pure,” said Mario Dominguez in 2013. “Innocence of this earth.”

Dominguez told KFOR in 2013 that he knew Green.

That same year his 7-month-old son, step daughter, fiancé, and fiancé’s mother were all allegedly shot and killed by Green in a southeast Oklahoma City home that they all shared.

“I didn’t think he would do anything like this to our family,” Dominguez said in 2013.

He was arrested and charged with murder at the time, but those charges were dismissed in 2016 because he was found to be incompetent.

“Meaning do they understand the nature of the charges against them and are they able to help their attorney in their defense,” said local attorney Ed Blau.

Green was sent to a mental institution instead. He was a diagnosed schizophrenic with a history of violence.

Eventually, he no longer met criteria to be held there because he was taking his medications as required. At that point, KFOR was told Green was supposed to be handed to the sheriff’s office. It is unclear if that happened.

Fast forward to this week. Green was taken into custody and his arrest report stated he was homeless. Blau said that competency can fluctuate, especially if someone leaves an institution and is no longer on their medication.

“I assume if this case ends up going to trial and competency is no longer an issue, I would be surprised if the defense attorney did not raise an insanity issue,” Blau said. “Meaning he didn’t know right from wrong at the time of the incident.”

Jeff Dismukes, with the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, said it’s all about trying to prevent getting to this point.

“This really kind of illustrates the need to ensure that those services are available before anybody ever becomes engaged,” Dismukes said. “Try to intervene earlier and treat those diseases before they become something more serious.”

Green is now once again facing four counts of first-degree murder for the 2013 deaths.

We did reach out to the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office to see if they could fill in the blanks after Green was released. We’re told they are checking into it.

If you or anyone you know if suffering through a mental health crisis, be sure and call the number 988 to get the help you need.