OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – It’s rare to get your items back after they’ve been stolen, but that was not the case for one Oklahoman. He claims his miniature motorbike was stolen off his front porch earlier this week. That’s when he took matters into his own hands.  

Whoever stole it broke the locks, hotwired the ignition and took all of the gas out of the bike, but what they didn’t know is the owner had an Apple AirTag and was tracking its every move. 

The owner, Trueon Guevara located it 40 minutes away from his house at a Shawnee home.  

“I’m like, ‘I’m here to retrieve my motorcycle.’ And they actually said, ‘What motorcycle?’ And I said, ‘that motorcycle.’ So it was kind of, you know, a bizarre experience,” said Trueon Guevara, victim of the alleged stolen miniature motorbike. 

In addition, Trueon says he caught the alleged thieves taking the bike a part.  

Owner riding his mini motorbike
Trueon Guevara on his miniature motorbike, which he recovered after it had been stolen. Image KFOR

He says when Shawnee police arrived, they circled the property to look for the bike, while he and his friend knocked on the front door of the home. Then, there it was, two men were in the middle of disassembling the bike.  

“The damage is extensive, so it kind of doesn’t really sit right with me to let these guys just walk free,” said Guevara.  

Since Trueon lives in Oklahoma City, he tells us he made a report of his stolen motorbike with Oklahoma City Police, but they tell us they handed this case over to Shawnee Police since the bike was found there. 

“That would be the other agency that handled that portion of the investigation,” said MSgt. Dillon Quirk, Assistant Public Information Officer, Oklahoma City Police Department.  

So far, no arrests have been made, and Shawnee Police say that’s because the bike was never reported stolen and entered into the (NCIC) National Crime Database. 

They also tell us they’ve sent their findings to Oklahoma City Police.  

As for what charges the alleged thieves could eventually face, Quirk says, “Larceny of that motor vehicle and/or also receiving and concealing stolen property is complaints that they could be facing.” 

Moving forward, the owner of the mini motorbike says he’s looking to press charges.