OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – An Oklahoma City man’s cremated remains are going to be launched into space at the end of this month. The family is granting their father’s final wish to be amongst the stars. They said this will finally give them closure.  

Mike Dee Carl’s passion was everything astronomy. Before he died, he told his family he wanted his cremated remains to be sent to space. The family looked for affordable ways to make that happen, and now thanks to a company that launches cremated human remains to space, he’s going to get what he always wanted. 

“That was the only thing he ever asked for life… He always had, you know, an affinity for looking at the stars,” said Dallas Carl, daughter of late Mike Carl. 

The company Celestis is making that wish come true. Carl will be launching from a spaceloft XL rocket from New Mexico’s Spaceport America on November 30th.  

“It’s been three years. And I feel like there’s finally going to be a sense of closure and he’s finally going to get what he just always wanted. And that is just priceless,” said Carl. 

The president of Celestis told KFOR Carl’s remains will briefly experience the weightlessness of space before returning safely back to Earth. Each flown capsule, with the cremated remains will still be sealed inside, and will be presented to the family as a permanent keepsake. 

“So those fly capsules are in the nose cone of the rocket. The rocket will take off… It’ll get there in about 90 seconds. And once it’s in space, it’s weightless. The nose cone separates the stages and separates the payloads. The primary payloads will go do what they’re supposed to do. Our nose cone falls back to earth and the parachute deploys. And the nose cone comes back to New Mexico via parachute. It will land in the New Mexican desert somewhere around Spaceport America,” said Colby Youngblood, President of Celestis, Inc. 

Colby Youngblood said funerals can be expensive, so this is another way for families to pay tribute to their late loved ones.  

“When I saw that it was affordable, I freaked out and I said, this has to happen. There’s no way this can’t happen. And it happened,” said Carl.  

Carl’s launch will be broadcasted on the company’s Facebook page and YouTube on November 30th.  

There are other options the company offers to people who want their cremated remains to be launched into space and stay in space.  

Remains can be launched into earth’s orbit, to the surface of the moon and into deep space forever. But, that’s more expensive, costing upwards of $10,000.