OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – An Oklahoma City mother is out hundreds of dollars after hiring a mobile mechanic. On top of that, her car still isn’t fixed.

It also turns out there are others just like her having similar issues with the same person. 

Carrie Wendlandt said she’s been without a working car for over a month. Her transmission stopped working and she paid someone $350 to fix the car, but ever since, there’s been no sign of the man. 

“And then he blocks me,” said Carrie Wendlandt. 

Wendlandt said she allegedly hired a man she said goes by the name of Derrick Martin with a company called Faith on Wheels Mobile Mechanics in Oklahoma City to work on her car in June. She paid him the money on Cash App and then never saw him again. 

“I’m on a fixed income. So, it’s hard… I need to get my vehicle running. My daughter needs a ride back and forth to her job. I’m going to disability right now. There’s quite a bit of doctors appointments and my son needs rides around for school When school starts back,” said Wendlandt. 

Carrie said Martin is also a part of a company called God’s Garage Mobile Mechanics and uses religion to get people to trust him. 

“He uses God’s word and says he’s here to serve for the Lord. It’s on his website is on both of them, and both of them are with him. So I just thought it was kind of messed up for him to be going around saying he’s serving the Lord and ripping people off because God wouldn’t do that to somebody,” said Wendlandt.  

Freda Hill said she’s having the same problem. 

She said she paid Derek $1,200 cash to fix both of her cars after he told her the payment machine was down, so he needed a different form of payment. 

“He only fixed one car… He assured us that he would be back, and he didn’t come back,” said Freda Hill.  

Freda said she took to social media and found several others in the same situation.

She told KFOR she believes Martin does a good job at hiding and deleting negative reviews, and claims the positive reviews are fake. 

“He’s real big on, ‘Hey, man, thank you, Jesus, God is good’… He tricks and uses that as his bait to lure you in to trust him,” said Hill.  

KFOR attempted to reach Derrick multiple times. KFOR found six different phone numbers. Four of them were out of service, and two of those numbers were listed on his Facebook pages. 

KFOR also tried calling and texting the two numbers he has used to communicate with clients. They are google voice numbers. KFOR left a voicemail and text with those numbers. 

KFOR also sent messages to the Facebook pages and sent emails.  

There were also no addresses found to a possible mechanic shop, and one of his websites didn’t work.