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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – An 8-year-old girl is recovering after a pack of dogs attacked her and her grandmother in their own neighborhood, and members of the community say it’s not the first attack.

The girl, Emma, is currently out of the hospital after being attacked on Monday. She had to have her ear stitched back in three places.

She and her grandmother, Rose Pinkston, received bites and bruises as well.

“All of a sudden they just jumped on us,” Pinkston said. “She took off running and of course they attacked her and they bit me.”

Kandelyn Turner was the first neighbor to come to their aid.

“I heard screaming,” she said. “She had multiple dogs attacking her, biting her in every which direction, and the first thing I did was go straight to her.”

Another neighbor came armed with a baseball bat, and had to use it to fend off the dogs after they came after him.

“They came up to my porch,” he said. “My wife and my son [were] here, they went after him.”

Neighbors claim these dogs are owned by the people in a nearby house. No one was home when News4 went there.

The woman who lives right next to them says both her husband and dog have been attacked, and the dogs find ways to get out of the home on their own.

“These dogs are literally jumping the fence or digging holes to get out,” she said.

She says there are 13 dogs who live in that house, and she has filed over 22 complaints just within the past three months.

“I went up there to a dog pound animal shelter and I filed charges on them and all they got was a $100 ticket,” she said. “The animal shelter does not want to take these dogs because they literally told me they’re overpacked.”

Another neighbor told KFOR that she has also been bitten by the dogs. She says she has had to create a higher fence just to protect her family.

News 4 called animal control three times but could not speak to anyone in person.

However, one neighbor sent a photo of a citation put on the door of the owners Friday afternoon. The citation said for the owners to contact animal welfare in regard to additional charges filed for the attack.

Emma’s grandmother says only one of the five dogs was captured by animal control, and the others are currently unaccounted for.

Both she and her granddaughter are still recovering from their injuries, but she says the situation could have been worse.

“If the neighbors had not come to her rescue I’m sure she would have been in a lot more bad shape than what she was,” she said. “Much, much worse.”