OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The pastor of an Oklahoma City church known for its work in the community says he is prepared for trial following his arrest last year.

On Nov. 17, 2021, Pastor Derrick Scobey and other community members were peacefully protesting the night before Julius Jones was set to be executed.

A demonstration of civil disobedience in support of Julius Jones.
A demonstration of civil disobedience in support of Julius Jones.

Scobey was arrested and charged with two counts of obstructing a roadway and refusing to comply with a lawful order.

“I was absolutely exercising my First Amendment rights,” said Scobey. “Anytime your First Amendment rights are violated, a person like me for sure, we don’t take that lightly.” 

Scobey was the only person arrested at the scene and is now facing obstructing an officer and failure to disperse charges for crossing barricades and standing in the street.

During a motion hearing on Thursday, Scobey said he was planning to defend his First Amendment rights at trial.

“No one has ever seen this that I’ve spoken to thus far in Oklahoma County for two misdemeanor charges,” Scobey told KFOR. “You almost would have thought that I was charged with murder. I mean, with what we just saw.”

Scobey says he is grateful for the faith community’s support in and out of the courtroom.

Scobey’s next court appearance is set for June 9.

Ebenezer Baptist Church, through Scobey’s leadership and the good work of his parishioners, has given hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of food and furnishings to community members in need in recent years.