OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Oklahoma City Police Department arrested a man for impersonating a police officer Wednesday evening after a traffic stop that led to multiple concerning discoveries.

The traffic stop occurred near the intersection of SW 44th St. and Western Ave. on a man who had a “light bar” in his back window.

Police said later on during the traffic stop they found several things the man didn’t have the credentials to have or use in the vehicle.

“That vehicle did have a dashcam in the front, a light bar in the back,” said Sgt. Dillon Quirk with the Oklahoma City Police Department. “It stated police interceptor on the back, but there was no credentials that this driver could bring forth stating that they were law enforcement of any type.”

The discovery was made in the Volkswagen Jetta of 25-year-old Manuel Nava.

Manuel Junior Nava mugshot
Courtesy: Oklahoma County Corrections

Police said they stopped him for failing to signal 100 feet prior to changing lanes. They also noticed the flashing lights in the back window.

“Through the process of the investigation, it was learned that the light bar could be red and blue, but it had yellow flashing lights,” Quirk said.

Police-worn body cam shows the officer questioning Nava about the vehicle during the traffic stop.

“Is this like some type of old police car?” The officer asks in the body camera video.

“No, I work at the National Weather Service,” Nava responded.

“So, are you working right now?” The officer asked.

“Yeah, I was just on the highway,” Nava said. “I was just taking some video for them.”

Other “red flag” items in the vehicle including antennas, a spotlight, and a computer mounted to the console resembling those seen in police vehicles.

That’s not all.

“What is this?” An officer said in the body camera video. “A wannabe police officer?”

Officers went to the trunk to see what was inside during a search of the vehicle.

“Pepper spray,” an officer said while taking a weapon out of what appears to be a police belt.

“You got fishnet, you got ropes, you got vests in there,” another officer said looking in the trunk.

“Two police belts, two vests, one that has a pepper gun in it,” a different officer said as they looked in the trunk.

According to a police report, Nava also had multiple patches from Lincoln County Emergency Management and one for an animal control officer, handcuffs, tactical backpacks with ID badges and a car with a working siren and air horn.

Nava was arrested and booked on charges of impersonating a police officer after the search.

“It’s illegal,” Quirk said. “If you don’t have the credentials, you shouldn’t be impersonating an officer.”

The police report states Nava could not provide any credentials to prove he was supposed to have any of the items found in his car. It also states he changed his story multiple times after being arrested.