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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A northwest Oklahoma City man is covered in bumps and bruises after he was allegedly assaulted by a group of people in front of his three-year-old daughter during an attempted Facebook Marketplace sale.

“I’m still hurting pretty bad. I mean my leg is pretty bruised and swollen,” a man who wanted to remain anonymous told News 4.

He’s talking about scrapes and bruises that are now covering his body after an attempted Facebook Marketplace sale last week went horribly wrong.  

He said he and his friend were attempting to sell an iPhone to a group of people. They met at the victim’s apartment complex.

“They left the car running. We walked up and she handed them the phone to show them it was working properly and everything,” the victim said.

After his friend handed the buyers the phone, he said they tried to speed away without paying for it.

“I seen it coming and I just jumped in the window,” he said. “I looked in the back seat and there was two males in the back seat and one of them, I see an assault rifle in between their legs.”

The victim said the driver was flooring the gas, while he was hanging on, never slowing down. Once he saw that gun, he said that’s when he jumped off.

“Whenever I jumped, they almost ran my legs over,” he said.

His friend was able to track the phone to a nearby electronics store, and management there believes their surveillance cameras captured the thieves trying to resell the phone.

Oklahoma City Police officers are investigating.

“It’s always safest if you want to conduct this business, you can go straight to a police station. Go to the lobby of your nearest precinct or station and you can do it there. You can do it in the parking lot. You can even call for an officer if something seems off,” MSgt. Gary Knight with OKCPD said.

The victim said he will probably use Facebook Marketplace again, but will take more precautions next time.

“It’s an expensive phone. I mean, I was worried about getting it back but as soon as I see that gun, I mean it wasn’t worth losing my life over,” he said.

If you think you have information that could lead to an arrest, call the OKCPD Crime Stoppers line at 405-235-7300.