OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – New court documents detail a racist rant and apparent threat one couple had to endure while waiting for their food.

The encounter happened at a Wendy’s on North Rockwell Avenue in Northwest Oklahoma City while a Black couple was in line at the drive-thru.

According to court records, Michael Southerland, a white man, pulled up behind them in a pickup truck.

“The person behind them began getting upset, honking their horns, yelling at them, even yelling some racial slurs toward them,” said Mgst. Gary Knight, with the Oklahoma City Police Department.

Court documents say Southerland was “holding a black pistol on the dash pointed in their direction” and can be seen on security cameras “pulling the slide back as if he is chamber loading the firearm.”

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A Wendy’s in Oklahoma City where a dangerous incident occurred in the drive-thru. Image KFOR

Southerland then allegedly yelled, “I’ll shoot you, you F____ N____.” According to court records he also said, “That’s what is wrong with the United States. Go back to Africa.”

“As they pulled out, the victim actually followed the suspect to a local hospital where the guy pulled into the parking lot,” said Knight. “Some words were exchanged. The victim left and met with officers and made a police report.”

The victims did not want to go on camera and wanted to stay anonymous. However, they told KFOR they think Southerland is “dangerous” and “they want him off of the streets.” They added they’ve never seen him before the encounter.

“There’s been a warrant issued and also a charge filed against him related to this,” said Knight.

According to court documents, Southerland faces charges for “Felony Pointing Firearms” and “Malicious Harassment Based on Race, Color, Etc.”