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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Oklahoma City police went back out to Lake Overholser to search again for the body of a missing teen who they believe was murdered at a party on July 4.

“I just want them to find her,” Yvonne Turner told KFOR on Tuesday.

It’s been a month now since Turner and her husband, Greg, last saw their daughter, 17-year-old Haylie Gonzalez.

“The dude only had so much time to do this and it doesn’t add up. There were more hands involved,” Greg Turner said.

Gonzalez was last seen at a party on July 4 at the home of 18-year-old Eduardo Bonilla-Lopez.

Information police received during their investigation led them back out to Lake Overholser to search the area from the ground and the sky once again, looking for Haylie’s body.

“This case is very complex. There has been an arrest made. We have probable cause to believe that Ms. Gonzalez is the victim of a homicide,” MSgt. Dillon Quirk with the Oklahoma City Police Department told News 4.

Bonilla-Lopez was arrested on a complaint of kidnapping and first degree murder.

According to court documents, the night of the party at his home, Gonzalez called a friend, sounding scared and asking for a ride.

That friend told police when they got to his home, they saw Bonilla-Lopez washing his hands outside. Gonzalez was nowhere to be found.

Court records allege that another person told authorities they were at the party when Bonilla-Lopez shot and killed someone. That same person said he later received a Facetime call from Lopez asking for help dumping a body.

The Facetime call allegedly showed Gonzales in her final minutes. The court documents state that there was a female in the passenger seat bleeding from her head, leaning over and trying to speak.

The witness told Lopez to take her to the hospital, according to court records. Lopez allegedly refused, stating in the court records that if he did, he would “go to prison.”

Lopez contacted that same friend again sometime later that night, telling them he “took care of the girl, acknowledging he finished killing her and dumped her body off.”

The court records continue by stating that when detectives interviewed Lopez, he confirmed the witness’ statements about the shooting, the Facetime call and assisting in putting the victim in his car.

He said he drove her to another location with another suspect and that person dumped the body off. He also acknowledged that Gonzalez was dead.

“She didn’t’ deserve this. Still wanting to know why, why he did that to her?” Yvonne Turner said on Tuesday.

The Turners told News 4 they are still in shock, ready for some answers and ready for their daughter’s body to be found.

“The people that were there know what happened, and those are the people that we’re looking for to come forward and tell it. Come on. You really going to leave me here hurting like this, not knowing what happened to my daughter?” Greg Turner said.

OCPD crews searched Lake Overholser for four hours on Tuesday. According to the information police gave News 4, they did not find a body.

If you have information that could help police, call the OCPD crime stoppers line at (405)-235-7300.