OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Oklahoma City police believe six burglaries were committed by two people in just a few days.

Now they’re searching for the suspects in the incidents, which were caught on camera.

“Investigators are asking for the public’s help with this case. Basically a crime spree that these individuals had been on for a period of about three or four days,” said MSgt. Jennifer Wardlow, with the Oklahoma City Police Department.

Oklahoma City police say that crime spree started the first weekend of the New Year.

In a video from Jan. 8, you can see two people try and fail to break into a marijuana grow business.

The footage shows them attempting to use a tool and their body weight to make their way in not once but twice.

But officers believe they didn’t stop there.

They suspect the same two people stole two different vehicles from separate locations in Oklahoma City.

“Then the next day, actually used those vehicles while committing six more burglaries; not only in Oklahoma City. We believe there was one they were connected with in Newcastle as well,” Wardlow said.

Police say in most of the cases, marijuana grow facilities were targeted.

Now they’re hoping someone who sees this video can help with the investigation.

“In situations like this, sometimes people talk, so someone may have heard something or seen something and have some information that can help us make an arrest in this case,” said Wardlow. 

The two vehicles stolen have been recovered.

If you have any information on this case, you can contact Crime Stoppers.

You may receive a cash reward. The number is (405) 235-7300.