A misspelling in the captain’s name has been corrected.

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Oklahoma City Police Department officers participated in tornado drill training on Wednesday.

The goal of the training exercises was to make first responders better prepared in case a large tornado hits Oklahoma City.

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Oklahoma City police participating in a tornado preparedness drill. Image KFOR

It’s important that officers stay sharp on the life-saving skills.

“Nothing helps us more than training,” said Capt. Paul Fredrickson, Oklahoma City Police Department. “We respond the way that we train, and the better we train the better our response. And as our agency grows bigger and bigger with new people who haven’t seen these operations yet, we have to train up our people so that we’re ready to come together when emergency strikes.”

Wednesday’s rainy weather brought a sense of realism to the training, and highlighted the difficulties officers may face during a natural disaster, police officials said.