OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The City of Oklahoma City is drawing water from an Oklahoma lake to meet drinking water needs in Central Oklahoma.

OKC officials and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers are working together to draw water from Northwest Oklahoma’s Lake Canton.

The water will be used to increase Lake Hefner’s water level. Hefner is Oklahoma City’s primary drinking water source. The city provides treated drinking water to around 1.4 million residents, according to city officials.

Lake Hefner’s water level has dropped four feet because of this summer’s excessive heat and dry weather, OKC Utilities engineers said.

Canton’s water level will fall about two feet to raise Hefner’s level an equal amount.

“The drop in lake level is not expected to affect Canton wildlife or recreational activities,” city officials said.

The water release began Thursday, with the water emptied into North Canadian River before making its way to Lake Hefner.

The water is expected to arrive in Lake Hefner within three days of the release.

“We don’t take this decision lightly, which is why we work to plan the release so we can minimize impacts as much as possible,” said Chris Browning, Utilities Director, and General Manager for the Oklahoma City Water Utilities Trust.

Oklahoma City last pulled water from Lake Canton in 2013.