OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A woman’s home and yard are left flooded and muddy – and she says she’s only run into a blame game in her search for answers.

With AT&T and the City of Oklahoma City pointing fingers – all she wants is someone to help make her home livable once again. 

“Somebody needs to step up,” said Destinee Chancellor, whose property was partially flooded.  

“Yeah, they do need to step up and take care of the situation because this is ridiculous,” said Barbara Taylor, a neighbor. “For her to have to get in there and clean all of that up, she can’t do it. Bless her heart, she’s crying. It’s going to be hard for her to do.” 

Taylor and Chancellor say they’re at their wits end with destruction left behind by construction near SW 29th and Pine in OKC.  

The two were told AT&T was doing work on fiber installation when a water line was first hit. 

“I don’t know how many times we’ve had it broken in this neighborhood,” Taylor said. “I know three times last week.” 

This time – it’s led to this flooding that’s now seeped inside Destinee’s home.  

The duo says phone calls to AT&T and the city have led to nothing but a blame game. 

“They’re all ‘well they’re supposed to this and they’re supposed to do that,’” said Taylor. “AT&T is blaming the city water department and the city’s saying no they’re the ones that contracted this.” 

They say they don’t care who is responsible – they just hope someone will step up to help.

“This is ridiculous,” Taylor said. “This is mud. This is going to be hard to clean up.”

KFOR reached out to AT&T and the City of Oklahoma City.

The City of OKC Department of Utilities sent the following statement:

“At times, other utilities or their contractors, or construction groups damage our water or sewer lines in the process of their work. When this occurs, we dispatch our line maintenance crews to make necessary repairs and ensure our customers are back in service as swiftly as possible. This was completed yesterday with the incident that occurred near SW 29th and Pine.”

Michelann Ooten
Public Information and Marketing Manager
Utilities Department
City of Oklahoma City

AT&T replied with the following:

Our goal is to minimize impact on residents before, during and after construction and to keep them informed throughout the network expansion process. If construction related issues do occur, we work quickly to resolve and restore any impacts from our work. In this case, our contractor has reached out to Ms. Chancellor and currently has a restoration crew on site to make repairs to her home.

AT&T also told News 4, “Whether large or small, these damages impact the public and that is not lost on us. Damage can occur for a number of reasons, from contractor error to [line locations] not being accurate.”

Chancellor tells KFOR both the city and AT&T contacted her Wednesday and AT&T told her they’ll be making repairs.