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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Tenants at Foxcroft Apartments in Northwest Oklahoma City are unsure how long they’ll have to wait for their heat to return after not having it for months. A newly hired plumbing contractor is struggling to find the gas leak that’s causing the heating failure.

“This is just ridiculous,” said tenant Cathy Chatmon. “I’m not understanding why we can’t get no heat.”

She and others at the complex, located at 6810 NW 16th St., are furious. They say they haven’t had heat since temperatures started to drop in October.

“I’m tired of being cold,” said tenant Donna Bernardini. “I got a sleeping bag on my bed. Three blankets. I just need my heat.”

Tuesday, Chatmon told KFOR that she and a neighbor got unwelcome information.

“The manager told me today at 10 a.m. there will be no heat until February 2022,” Chatmon said on Tuesday.

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Foxcroft Apartments

Foxcroft Apartments management is choosing not to comment to KFOR, so we’re unable to confirm if that’s the exact date. So, we reached out to City of Oklahoma City officials, who have been working with the complex.

City of OKC Inspection Services Superintendent Mike Miller said he doesn’t believe it’ll take until February to get heat back on at the complex. He said on Tuesday that they issued a citation to the owner of the apartments, Foxcroft Exchange, for the lack of heat.

Miller also reported the complex has hired a plumbing contractor to fix a gas leak causing the heating failure. He explained that the gas line is old and buried under concrete, which is creating a struggle for the contractor to find the leak.

“The inspections services department will continue to monitor the situation and continue to work with the contractor,” he said. “We’ll be out there daily checking their progress, seeing where they’re at, but they could be issued another citation as early as tomorrow.”

He said the complex could get fined daily as the lack of heat persists.

Meanwhile, tenants are forced to wait in their cold apartments.

“It makes me feel like I’m being robbed of my money when I pay my rent on time.” said Bernardini. “Basically, I’m being robbed of my heat.”

“There’s nothing we can do,” Chatmon said. “If I was responsible for my own heat, it would be on. I can’t afford to just pack up and move. I don’t know nobody that can. We still in the pandemic stage. A lot of people can’t pack up and move.”

Some tenants tell KFOR they’re considering staying in a hotel or even moving out completely.

The City of OKC advises those in desperate need of help to call the Community Services Hotline at 211.