OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – As animal shelters across the state close due to an outbreak of a virus, Oklahoma City Animal Welfare is giving an update on its animals.

The shelter says on March 29, staff pulled samples from 10% of its ill population, which was 14 samples.

Officials say an upper respiratory infection has spread to 130 dogs.

Officials say 8 dogs tested positive for strep zoo, 8 tested positive for H3N2 canine flu, and 8 tested positive for Influenza A canine flu.

“Every shelter dog is being treated with a round of amoxicillin and doxycycline. To date, 5 dogs have died as a result of the infections. Shelter staff is working with the shelter’s veterinary team as well as an outside national organization to form a plan to move forward,” Oklahoma City Animal Welfare wrote on Facebook.

If you find a lost pet, the shelter asks that you provide the pet with temporary housing and look for the owner through social media and lost pet reports.

“This is the first time in at least 24 years that the shelter has had to close due to disease outbreak,” the shelter wrote.

The shelter will remain closed until further notice.