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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A Southwest Oklahoma City woman is now sitting in the Oklahoma County Jail after police say she left four children unsupervised while she was out drinking at a bar.

Police say a nine-year-old was left in charge of her three siblings at a home on the southwest side. One of them, only 9-months-old, was being fed pizza because the sibling didn’t know what to feed a baby.

“She was obviously not equipped to take care of three young children,” said MSgt. Gary Knight with the Oklahoma City Police Department.

It started with a call to Oklahoma City police early Sunday morning.

Police performed a welfare check at the home near Southwest 33rd and Blackwelder.

Inside, officers found four young children alone – a 9-year-old in charge of her three siblings, ages eight, five and nine months old.

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Perla Aguilar

The person who was supposed to be taking care of them was their mom, Perla Aguilar.

“Apparently there was something going on at a local bar and that was where she wanted to be, so, she simply left the kids unattended at the home,” Knight said.

According to the police report, the oldest sibling told officers Aguilar “does this all the time.”

Officers found the nine-month-old asleep face down. The nine-year-old said she, “fed the baby pizza… because she didn’t know what to feed her.”

There was also no heater in the house, and the temperature was 35 degrees outside.

Aguilar arrived home to find police at the house.

“It was determined that she had gone to a bar. She was driving, had driven to the bar, had driven back. She was intoxicated,” Knight said. “She smelled of alcohol. Her speech was heavily slurred. She kept repeating herself.”

While in the backseat of the patrol car, Aguilar admitted she had been “drinking alcohol at the bar where she worked.” She also said “she has been in trouble for neglecting her children.”

Police booked Aguilar into the Oklahoma County Jail.

News 4 spoke with a neighbor who didn’t want to be identified Tuesday morning. She says she knew Aguilar had left the children alone before and wasn’t surprised by the arrest. She believed it was Aguilar’s sister who sent police over.

“There’s no law that addresses at what age a child is responsible enough to take care of other children. Obviously, it’s a case-by-case basis. In this particular case, this child was overwhelmed with the duties that she was tasked with,” Knight said.

A neighbor said the kids are now in custody of another family member. As of last check, Aguilar is still in the Oklahoma County Jail. She faces charges of child neglect, driving under the influence and driving with a suspended license.