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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A woman in southwest Oklahoma City described the moments a wanted man broke into her home after allegedly shooting at troopers and crashing into one of them head-on.

“I’m just scared for my life, you know, I don’t have any weapon on me, so, there’s really nothing we can do to protect ourselves,” said 21-year-old Hannah Coleman, the woman who was in the home with her family when 34-year-old Gabriel Yeatman allegedly broke in. “I’m just hoping he’ll get out of here and leave us all alone.”

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Gabriel Yeatman

Yeatman has since been arrested, but it was last Thursday night when the 34 year old allegedly drove the wrong way on I-240, crashed into a highway patrol trooper head-on and shot at them. Coleman said Yeatman then broke in her house near SW 74th Street and Western Avenue around 1 a.m.

“Next thing I know, my brother and some man come into my room, and my brother has a hold of the dog, and this man has a gun in his hand,” she said.

Coleman said Yeatman told them he needed to hide, at first saying he got jumped. Then he told her he had drugs in his car and ran a stop sign. After seeing flashing lights outside, Coleman said she knew what was up.

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Gabriel Yeatman in custody.

“He’s running from the cops,” she said.

Coleman was inside, stuck and scared along with her three brothers, her sister and her two-year-old son.

“I have my kids in the house, there’s nothing for me to do besides just what he tells me, you know?” she said. “I really can’t do much because he has a gun in his hands.”

According to Coleman, Yeatman demanded her phone so she couldn’t call police and made himself at home.

“I have water bottles laying around my room, you know, and he just grabs them, drinks some, asks for more, like if I have anything else to drink or anything to eat,” she said.

That was until he decided to leave. He took about $40 and her rental vehicle. The police report states that Coleman didn’t know he took the keys at first. She called the police when he left. The vehicle was eventually located about a mile away, unoccupied off South Western Avenue. Yeatman was later found and arrested by U.S. Marshals in Chickasha while holding someone in their home against their will. Coleman said she is just happy her family made it out safe.

“That’s really the only thing on my mind is just, ‘Am I going to get out of this,’ you know?” she said “Thankfully, we did.”

Coleman said Yeatman did not hurt any of them and the person inside the Chickasha home was also not injured. The U.S. Marshals said Yeatman also had outstanding felony warrants when they found him for armed robbery, kidnapping and burglary. Those are included with him being wanted for aggravated assault and battery on a law enforcement officer, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and felony eluding from the original incident Thursday night. Yeatman was taken into custody “without incident.”