SPENCER, Okla. (KFOR) – The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office is now investigating after a woman escaped a Spencer home where she was allegedly held hostage for days.

“Be advised she’s being held hostage at someone’s house,” an officer said over the police scanner.

That call for help came late Monday evening.

Spencer police said a woman escaped her captor from a home near Douglas and Northeast 25th.

“My mind is blown,” said a neighbor who lives nearby.

Officers said the woman had been held captive for days. They also said she was a victim of sexual assault.

“I never really thought that something like that could happen, especially. Literally right next door to me.”

Spencer police responded then called the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office’s TAC team. They later realized no one was home.

“That’s not this neighborhood. It’s not indicative of this neighborhood,” said Keith Thompson, a neighbor.

Neighbors told News 4 they had no idea about the situation, and they’re not sure if someone lives in the home.

“I barely see anyone there. For the most part, the driveway is empty. If someone lives there, they they just stay to themselves.”

News 4 knocked on the door but no one answered.

“I was not expecting this this morning. Hope everybody is okay,”

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Spencer police told KFOR the information is limited because the investigation is still in its early stages.

However, they did say there is no sign that a serial rapist is on the loose.

Police tell us the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office is now handling the case.