Blanchard, Okla. (KFOR) – The first-ever Women’s Health Fair is coming to Blanchard – complete with bone density screenings, health discussions, and mammograms that local community members and businesses are raising money to cover the cost of for those who can’t afford it.

“Knowledge is power, especially in your health care,” said owner and pharmacist of Blanchard Drug and Gift, Lisa Standridge.

Blanchard’s first Women’s Health Fair starts June 15.

Organizers said attendees can receive bone density scans and mammograms through OU Health’s Mammogram Bus.

“It’s fantastic. You go back in the back and it is the machine that you would see anywhere else. And it’s nice,  you get your results delivered to your doctor in about two weeks time and you’re done,” said Standridge. “So there’s no excuse. It’s very, very easy!”

“Women should get checked and get checked annually because the sooner you can catch it. Nine times out of ten, it’s curable. I think women are just scared,” said Jana Berry, a pharmacy technician at the Blanchard Drug and Gift.

Standridge and Berry said attendees can pay for the services with insurance or pay $189.00. However, the organizers said they know some women can’t afford the vital screenings.

“That’s why we decided to raise some money, and that’s where we came up with our bizarre “Brassiere Bazaar.”

The duo asked local businesses and community members to ramp up their creativity and competitive spirit, through a contest.

“We’ve asked the businesses to decorate a bra so that people could come in and vote for their favorite. It’s a dollar a vote. So far, we’ve raised enough for one mammogram,” said Standridge.

Some of the bras are blooming with flowers, transformed into cupcakes, covered with candy, or meant to look like they belong to a mermaid.

“Watching the community come together was just such a thrill,” said Berry.

That’s not all the health fair will include. Standridge and Berry said professionals will be on site, discussing pelvic floor dysfunction and hormone balance. Plus, there will be a little something extra.

“The masseuse from the Jessica Kline Salon is going to be here giving free mini massages so you can reward yourself,” said Standridge.

Attendees who receive a mammogram or a bone density scan will receive a swag bag and be entered to win free gift baskets.

“We’re all just going to be a bunch of women hanging out back in the back, discussing different things about your health issues and trying to have a little fun mixed in there,” said Berry.

“If you can stay healthy and preserve yourself than that’s… that’s true health care and that’s what we want to provide,” said Standridge. “We plan to do [the fair] again and again and again.”

Attendees have until June 15 to sign up. You can sign up by calling the pharmacy at 405-485-2112.