OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Do you struggle with the challenges of child care while working or know of someone who does?

Starting Thursday, Quintessa Marketing is implementing a new program to reimburse employees with children in daycare.

As child care continues to skyrocket and become increasingly more expensive, parents and employers are suffering the backlash when it comes to employment and employee retention.

“Parents are being pushed out of the workforce due to a lack of affordable childcare,” said Quintessa Marketing CEO Lauren Mingee. “At Quintessa, we want to find ways to support and retain our employees.”

The company is making a significant dent in the reimbursement program by alleviating financial costs for families.

“Every employee with a child enrolled in an accredited child care provider will have 50% of their weekly daycare expenses up to $100 covered by the company’s Child Care Reimbursement Program”, said Quintessa Marketing’s Vice President of Human Resources, Rhett Ables.

More than 60% of Quintessa Marketing employees are women, and the company expects this move will help with some of the economic costs so they can remain in the workforce.

The marketing agency is determined to make Oklahoma a tope ten state for women by establishing a supportive work environment is essential to attract and keep women in the workforce.

You can learn more about Quintessa Marketing at quintessamarketing.com.