OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – An Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner is speaking out against a recent decision that impacts ratepayers, calling statements made by his colleagues “deceitful.”

Late last month, Corporation Commissioner Bob Anthony filed another 37-page dissent in the 2021 Fuel Cost and Prudence Review cases for the state’s three largest public utilities.

Anthony was the sole commissioner who voted against the plan to declare more than $6 billion of OG&E, ONG, and PSO’s fuel procurement costs during the 2021 winter storm to be “fair, just, reasonable, and prudent.”

Now, he has filed a separate dissent in the case.

Anthony claims Oklahoma’s largest public utilities have been given billions of dollars “through fraudulently manipulated natural gas prices, insider dealings, bidding irregularities, overcharges, and special interest bailouts.”

In his dissent, Antony claims the other Oklahoma Corporation Commissioners have “orchestrated and/or facilitated a massive cover-up.”

“Their ongoing obstruction of justice and transparency shows they know it is wrong. By the willful neglect of their officials duties, sham prudence reviews, and ordered findings contrary to the weight of evidence and suspicious circumstances, they have turned the Oklahoma Corporation Commission into a kangaroo court,” the dissent reads.

As a result of the vote, Oklahoma utility customers will be forced to pay off the debt over the next 28 years.

Anthony is also speaking out about a lack of transparency surrounding the astronomical fuel costs.

He says in a final order, the commission deleted all references to the public comments from utility customers, which “leaves the impression that the public was wholly disinterested in these proceedings.”

Anthony also accused Todd Hiett of “fabricating two entirely new ‘Findings of Fact'” that “seem to be a last-ditch attempt to offer some kind of justification for the orders’ outrageously-broad Ordering Statements.”

To read the full dissent, click here.