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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – At a press conference on Wednesday, Oklahoma County Jail Trust Chair Tricia Everest and Jail Administrator Greg Williams spoke about Saturday’s deadly hostage situation on the 10th floor of the jail for the first time since the incident and addressed other serious concerns inside the jail, including a current staffing issue

“The other night was really scary for anyone that was working in here,” Tricia Everest, Chair of the Oklahoma County Jail Trust, said at the press conference. 

During that press conference at the Oklahoma County Jail, Jail Trust Chair Tricia Everest and Jail Administrator Greg Williams discussed Saturday’s deadly hostage situation on the 10th floor of the jail, which was broadcast live on Facebook by the inmates while they held a detention officer, Daniel Misquez hostage. 

Inmates are heard in the video demanding change inside the jail, claiming they have no food or working showers. 

Ultimately, an inmate identified as Curtis Williams, was shot and killed by Oklahoma City police. 

“I did talk to the family and that night or early that next morning and told them we regretted how that ended,”​ Greg Williams said. 

Williams said Misquez is home and doing well after being stabbed and beaten. Williams told the media he is not sure if he plans to come back to work. 

“I have not talked to the detention officer. I’ve reached out to him several times. His wife called and said really that he would not like phone calls,” Williams said. 

Williams and Everest also addressed a 40-page inspection report from the Oklahoma State Department of Health back on February 5th that was obtained by News 4 on Wednesday morning. 

“Those conditions are being addressed,” Williams said. 

Some of the key issues noted in the report include food not being delivered in a timely manner, mold in the showers and a bed bug infestation, to name a few. 

When News 4 asked Williams about these issues, we were told a lack of proper staffing is to blame. 

Concerns over staffing is at the center of a letter sent to Williams by the jail’s medical service, Turn Key, earlier this week. 

Turn Key officials said in the letter that they would consider canceling their contract with the jail if staffing numbers do not improve by April 29th, effective May 31st. 

“They’ve been very good partners with us, especially with working through issues and different challenges in the past, and so I’m confident that we can work with them and come to some sort of resolution,” Williams said. 

ODOC has brought in support staff to help the jail staff for the time being. Williams said during the press conference that they currently have 68 ODOC employees working inside the jail. 

There is a special jail trust meeting scheduled for 3 p.m. on Thursday.