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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – New court documents allege that an Oklahoma County Detention Center officer pepper sprayed two inmates “without justifiable reason,” as well as slammed one of them up against a wall.

That detention officer, Jalon Warmsely, has been fired by the jail and also charged with misdemeanor charges.

Court documents reveal that on a work shift at the jail on Jan. 28, Warmsely was walking around with pepper spray in hand. The docs say he was “shaking it up” and “threatening the inmates that he was going to spray someone.”

At some point after that, Warmsley allowed two inmates into their respective cells. He allegedly then “reopened the cell door, sprayed both inmates with OC spray, and shut the door.”

It was reported that “at no point did he provide access to any type of medical treatment or access to any type of decontamination.”

According to the court docs, the following day Warmsely allegedly assaulted one of the inmates he had pepper sprayed. It’s said that while in an office with the inmate, Warmsely grabbed him and “slammed him up against the wall, for no reason.” Another inmate and a witnessing detention officer reported that the allegedly assaulted inmate “did not say a word to Warmsely or provoke him in any manner.”

Oklahoma County Detention Center exterior
Oklahoma County Detention Center

The court docs do report that Warmsely admitted to pepper spraying the two inmates.

KFOR received the following statement from Oklahoma County Detention Center Administrator Greg Williams on Thursday:

“As soon as we discovered the allegations involving one detention officer’s inappropriate treatment of detainees, we immediately suspended the DO and began an investigation. Once the facts were established, we terminated his employment. Our investigators presented information to the district attorney’s office, which then charged our former employee.

The vast majority of our staff are hardworking, dedicated professionals. When an employee ignores the rules and regulations of our facility and common decency, we act. In this case it led to termination and the filing of criminal charges. We remain committed to making our facility as safe as possible for detainees and our employees.”


Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater has filed multiple misdemeanor charges against Warmsely, two for cruelty to a prisoner and one for assault and battery.